Only a couple of days after we showed you what were purportedly leaked official images of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class sedan, this came in: according to China Car Times, toy makers in the Middle Kingdom have apparently managed to make diecast models of the new CLA, which were put up for auction on online shopping giant Taobao around the region of 300 RMB (RM150) apiece.

The car news website says the 1:18 scale models have since been withdrawn from Taobao, but the images are circulating around Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter). It adds that the models are made by French toy car maker Norev.


Exterior-wise, the model appears to be less kitted out than the one in the alleged press shots. Front and rear bumpers and wheels are clearly more sedately styled, and the interior (which is pretty detailed for a toy!) seems to echo that in the earlier shots – that is, carried over from the A-Class. We see only two headrests at the back – a four-seater, just like the CLS-Class?

It could be that this one is the base model in miniature, and the one you see in the earlier shots is the CLA 45 AMG. Whatever it is, at next month’s Detroit show, all will be revealed.