Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that it has readied a new generation of its 4MATIC all wheel drive system that can be used with its latest front wheel drive platform. It will debut on the new CLA-Class sedan as well as the CLA 45 AMG.

The new 4MATIC is being combined with the 7G-DCT seven-speed automated dual clutch transmission which was premiered in the B-Class. The electrohydraulically actuated multi-disc clutch integrated in the rear axle gear unit is responsible for fully variable torque distribution.

Operating principle: when the multi-disc clutch is open, the CLA is driven almost exclusively by the front axle for fuel economy. When the clutch is closed, the rear axle comes into play. This means that the drive torque can be shifted in fully variable mode between front and rear axle according to the given situation (torque on demand).

4-Matic Hochgurgl 2012

The torque distribution ratio is also dependent on the activated shift programme of the 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission. The ECO programme results in torque distribution of a conservative nature. Less torque is channelled to the rear axle, resulting in gentler handling and supporting an economical driving style at lower revs.

In SPORT or MANUAL mode the activation times are shortened and more torque is distributed to the rear axle in the interests of a dynamic, sporty driving style. On the AMG versions, adaptation of the 4MATIC controller takes place in accordance with the 3-stage ESP.

The gallery has plenty of technical diagrams of the new front wheel drive 7G-DCT + 4MATIC components so check them out.