proton savvy spy 2013

Ah, something different for a change, where mystery snaps of Protons are concerned – giving us a break from the usual Preve hatchback spyshots coming about is this one of the Proton Savvy, which we haven’t heard about for a very long time.

Reader Freddie Leong sent this in, saying he caught this Savvy last Thursday on the Kesas Highway, likely heading back to the Proton factory. The car was accompanied by a Preve, and what caught his eye was the fact that both cars were masked with exterior cladding and tape.

Leong says that the Savvy’s roof clearly showed a prominent joint line about four inches wide, running from front to the back of the roofline, suggesting a wider version of the hatch – the single photo doesn’t offer too much scope to suggested dimensional changes, though you can barely make out the joint line.

He also mentions that the rear windscreen looked smaller set within the rear hatch frame when seen up close, adding that the car looked well balance when zig-zagging about in its attempt to shake off being caught on camera. So, is there something stirring in the pot to revise and revive a small hatch project based on the eight-year old design, or is it just an old project mule coming out for a quick blast?