The Proton Savvy will be launched today nationwide by Proton at 5pm. Check out your Proton showrooms to get a glimpse of the car. Now for a short re-cap on what the Proton Savvy has to offer.


The Savvy comes in three colours. Magma Red, Stratosphere Blue and Midnight Black. Bright and sporty colours, quite suitable for the car I think.


The Proton Savvy will be powered by a 1.2 (1149cc) litre Renault engine with a 5 speed manual transmission. The manual transmission reminds us of European models where the reverse gear is not in the usual bottom right position, but you have to pull the gear shift up and put it top left in the first gear’s position.

Savvy Dashboard

There will also be an automatic transmission for the car. It’s rumoured that the auto will feature shiftronic style sequential shifting.

The 1.2 litre engine makes 74hp at 5500rpm and 105Nm of torque at 4250 rpm. Bore is 69mm and stroke is 76.8mm. Fuel is supplied through electronic fuel injection. Top speed is rated at 170km/h and 0-100km/h times are 12.6 seconds. Not too bad. Throttle control is drive-by-wire, like the Waja 1.8 and Gen2.

Power steering is provided but it’s a normal hydraulic power steering, not an electronic one.


The Proton Savvy will offer ABS and EBD on certain higher spec models, just like the Perodua Myvi offers. The car’s body is also supposed to have a body strength/bending stiffness of 17,000N/mm, whatever that means. LOL! The body is made of L3 galvanised steel.

Headlamps are made of polycarbonate and use H7 halogen bulbs. They look pretty nice.

Brakes are ventilated 13 inch discs at the front and drum brakes at the back.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption is rated at 5.3 litres at 100km/h for highway driving at constant 90km/h. Not sure how’s city driving like.


The car comes with 15 inch alloy rims. The multi-spoke design is really nice.

In-Car Entertainment

The Proton Savvy comes with a Clarion CD player with a custom faceplate. Looks pretty nice with a high-tech type of look to me. It’s in black and silver. The car has 4 speakers installed by stock.

Storage and Space

The car is built to be a 5 seater. Headroom looks pretty low but we won’t know until we actually get into the car and try it out. The rear seats can be folded flat down to provide a bigger boot space, a design feature common in most modern cars now especially hatchbacks.


Overall Length 3710mm
Overall Width 1643mm
Overall Height 1480mm
Wheelbase 2395mm
Front Track 1420mm
Rear Track 1410mm
Front Overhang 255mm
Rear Overhang 560mm
Weight 953kg

Most Importantly… Price?

There are three spec levels, basic, standard and comfort spec levels. Only manual transmission is available at the moment.

1.2 STD M/T (Basic) RM40970.07
1.2 STD M/T (Standard) RM42,888.00
1.2 STD M/T (Comfort) RM43714.00

1.2 Basic comes with the CD player, central locking and anti-rust coating. Rims are steel rims. There are no power windows for this model.

1.2 Standard – Comes with additional power window, alarm system, fog lamps, and alloy rims.

1.2 Comfort – An upgrade from the standard version, this comes with Safetint, Coil mat and a First Aid Kit.

Anyway, for more details you can head on to Proton Edar’s website and look for yourself. They have a creative comic book theme for the Proton Savvy there.

Update: Proton Edar’s website lists the Proton Savvy as having 15″ steel rims but it’s clearly seen in showrooms that the car has alloy rims. I’ve updated the info. Also, thanks to Mattie from the Perodua Myvi Forums for information on the 3 trim levels.

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