Due to the bad comments going all around about Proton’s bad choice of name for the Sassy, they have renamed the Tiara Replacement Model to the Proton Savvy. This sounds slightly better and less ‘sissy’ than Sassy. Sassy had a bad meaning to it in the dictionary anyway.

What does Savvy mean?

savvy n. Practical understanding or shrewdness: a banker known for financial savvy.

I believe this name change is not recent but has been decided for quite some time, as indicated by the registration of the protonsavvy.com domain name by a Malaysian who must have had insider information. The registration date was 28th April 2005. More than a month ago.

It’s a good move, considering all the bad comments about it’s name found in my blog post here.

(Click for a larger image)

The car will be powered by a 1.2 litre 16-valve SOHC engine by Renault, producing 74hp (55kW) at 5500rpm and 105Nm of torque at 4250rpm.

The car will come in three colours – Magma Red, Midnight Black and Stratosphere Blue.

Myvi vs. Savvy? Their names kind of rhyme with each other :D

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