Proton has started to run the Tiara Replacement Model advertisements in daily newspapers. It shows an aunty peeking into a red Tiara Replacement Model partially covered with a grey cloth. The car has sports rims with 14 spokes, something like Advanti Racing Stilettos. The shape really looks good and it’s definitely the shape of the Tiara Replacement Model.

The aunty says “Walaauueh!!! It’s a good thing my son didn’t pay the deposit for the other car.

The other car? Definitely a cheap shot at Perodua! :P

The bottom of the ad says:

You won’t regret waiting for the new Proton. For booking enquiries, visit your nearest Proton showroom or call 1 300 880 888.

Strongest body in its class, fastest in its category, Lotus-Inspired Engineering, Spacious interior“.

Update: Here’s the ad.

Click for a bigger version.

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