It seems Proton’s new 1.2L Tiara Replacement Model is now available for booking on the Proton Edar website. It’s listed as Proton 1.2 M/T. No real name is mentioned. There are three colours available – Magma Red, Midnight Black and Stratosphere Blue. The booking fee is RM1000. The listed price is RM43000 to RM45000.

If you look at the pic, apparently M/T stands for Manual Transmission and A/T stands for Automatic Transmission. They’re only launching the manual model of the Tiara Replacement Model first?

Launch date is not mentioned. Just a notice that says “Launching Soon”. They’re quite arrogant now don’t you think? No photos or nothing of the Tiara Replacement Model of any indication of a proper name or launch date posted on the website and they’re already offering it up for booking. Typical Proton behaviour of going around threathening lawsuits to people who have the spyshots posted online like they had with the Proton Wira Replacement Model (Proton Gen2).

I wonder if anyone will book this without having a look at the car first. For whoever that’s interested, you can check out the booking page on Proton Edar’s website.

Looks like this will go head-on with the Perodua Myvi. I’m rooting for the Myvi, what about you?

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