What’s this, pickup season? We’ve just had spyshots of the new Nissan Navara D23 that’s set to make its global debut in Thailand next week – now various Thai forums have yielded spyshots of what could be the 2015 Toyota Hilux undergoing on-road testing in the Kingdom.

Despite the heavy camo, we can just about guess what the front grille could look like. Two horizontal bars appear to intrude into the headlamps, themselves looking slimmer and more wrap-around than before – pretty Corolla Altis-like, actually.

The body appears to be more angular on the whole; the back of the cab curves inwards in a style similar to the Mitsubishi Triton, but much less severely.

Our guess is the 2.5 and 3.0 litre four-cylinder diesels with variable-nozzle turbos (VNT) could soldier on, as could the robust five-speed manual gearbox.

But where the auto is concerned, will the four-speeder stay in office for another term, or could we get a new six-speeder instead? Only foremost Hilux enthusiast Mr Loo knows.