Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone! It looks like national car company Proton has decided to give us a little Merdeka gift in the form Proton Compact Car teaser images on their new microsite for the car –

There are a few teaser images on the site showing us things like the headlamp design and the touchscreen head unit. Proton has also given us a way to unveil the full car using four mobile phones to generate four pieces of the teaser image. Try it, it’s pretty fun.

We did that and pieced together the teaser image especially for you, dear readers. So here you have it, the first official full exterior body view of the new Proton Compact Car that’s NOT leaked from classified areas.


The first teaser image released for this car in Proton’s Raya 2014 video already gave us a glimpse of how the Proton Compact Car’s headlamps will look like, but in this photo the angle is slightly different. The Proton logo in the headlamp is a nice touch usually found on premium cars.

The headlamp appears to use both projector and reflector lenses, and the yellow tinge (as opposed to the more whitish colour of xenons) seen in this photo could mean halogen bulbs.

This teaser image shows a top cutaway view of the car. We can see that the high spec variants (if not all variants, here’s wishing) of the Proton Compact Car will come with six airbags (front, side and curtain). Thanks to the angle, we also have a preview of the interior layout.


There are five seats of course, and the rear seats look like they have three headrests, and the bench looks like it has a 60:40 split. We can see that the gear lever is in the usual position close to the dashboard, and behind it there are two cup holders and a handbrake lever. It looks like there’s also another cup holder behind the handbrake for the rear passengers.

This teaser image gives us a first look at the Proton Compact Car’s touchscreen head unit. It looks different from the Android one found in the Suprima S. The four icons seen here are for Navigation, Radio, Media and Bluetooth, so we know that the PCC has integrated navigation maps.

Our previous spyshots also show what could be a regular non-touchscreen head unit for the more affordable models. Another interesting bit – if you look at the bottom left edge of the image, you can see what appears to be faux stitching on the dashboard for a more premium look, just like in the new Toyota Vios dashboard.

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This teaser image shows that the variants of the car that has the touchscreen head unit can be equipped with a reverse camera function. If it’s standard, even better. The reverse camera video feed has guide lines super-imposed onto it to help with parking.

Upper end variants of the Proton Compact Car will be available with keyless start, according to the photo below. On the left side of the image you can see what appears to be a normal key hole that’s blanked out.

The image also allows us a closer look of the dashboard plastic texture around that area. This part of the dashboard is the lower half, and Proton could be using a combination of textures, as the dashboard texture of the area surrounding the air cond vents seen above look a little different.


Best news of all – safety. The Vehicle Dynamics Control logo seen below confirms the availability of electronic stability control in the Myvi-fighter; what remains to be answered is if it’s standard on all variants. There’s also a five-star ANCAP crash test rating logo, so the PCC looks strong on safety.

Proton recently revealed that the PCC will be powered by new engines, 1.3 and 1.6 litre units with variable valve timing (VVT). Not just the Campro with VVT bolted on, the PCC’s engines feature a new block, pistons and valves, and is the first of a new series of engines that will power future models and replace the long-serving Campro family.

More technical details in our previous PCC stories.