We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for an entry-level McLaren sports car (codenamed P13), but Woking has now given us not only confirmation that such a car is coming, but also when it will be unveiled (second quarter of 2015), as well as a name – McLaren Sports Series.

According to Autocar UK, the name reportedly refers to a whole range of new sports cars, including coupé, Spider and hardcore track-biased versions. It is expected that each variant will receive a unique moniker, following the example of the 650S and lower-powered Asian-market 625C, both being two different versions of the same car.

The upcoming Porsche 911 fighter (Stuttgart’s finest just can’t seem to catch a break, can it?) will slot under the 650S – and presumably the 625C – in McLaren’s lineup, and will be built on the same bones as its more powerful siblings, with the same carbon fibre chassis and the same mid-mounted V8 engine. The company is saying that the Sports Series will be “a pure McLaren”.


The Sport Series range is rumoured to start at around £125,000 (RM663,000), £70,000 (RM371,000) less than the 650S and, crucially, £17,000 (RM90,000) less than the range-topping 911 Turbo S. The Ricardo-built 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 is expected to be detuned to around 450 hp on the base model – nearly 200 hp down on the 650S – resulting in an estimated 0-100 km/h sprint time a second slower at 4.0 seconds.

McLaren will be promoting the upcoming launch of the Sports Series by focusing on 13 “game-changing” events (called “Black Swan Moments”, referring to the first sighting of a black swan in 1697) from around the world as well as in McLaren, using the #BlackSwanMoments hashtag.

McLaren 650S in Malaysia