Yet another bullish tale about the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle, this time highlighting the back-end stuff. The automaker has come up with a second video in its ‘Fueled by Everything’ campaign promoting the car, and like the first video, it keeps things simple so as to make it easier for consumers to understand what drives the hydrogen-powered car.

The science behind the workings is explained in simple terms – you have cows, and they produce manure, quite a bit of it. The waste isn’t wasted, but is put into a tarp-covered digestive feeder pond, where it’s mixed with water. The bacteria goes to work, breaking down the organic molecules in the manure, creating a bio-gas that puffs up the tarp.

The gas is then collected and sent on to the purification facility where unwanted elements are removed, resulting in clean, renewable natural gas consisting primarily of methane. This gas is then taken to the steam methane reformer – in the presence of a catalyst, water and heat strip the hydrogen out of the methane. That hydrogen provides the juice than powers the Mirai’s fuel cell system.

So, it turns out hydrogen isn’t bullsh*t, or rather it is – you get the drift. The Toyota Mirai – which made its debut in 2014 – is currently sold in the US, retailing for $57,500 (RM207,897).