Calling the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle ‘interesting’ is akin to taking a look at Prince’s fashion sense and then calling it out as ‘unique’. With its quirky, reptilian-esque aesthetics and unorthodox power source, the Toyota Mirai is an oddity in the automotive realm, to say the least.

The Japanese automaker is (probably) well aware of this and has since embarked on a campaign to position its hydrogen-powered sedan as a more relatable product to the average consumer. Said campaign, entitled ‘Fueled by Everything’, aims to highlight the various sources of hydrogen available around us.

One of the sources featured here in the (aptly christened) ‘Fueled by Bullsh*t’ video, is manure. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, of Super Size Me fame, and staring a fuel cell engineer and a dairy farmer, the video shows viewers how cow dung can be processed into useable hydrogen gas.

Without giving away too much, the three minute-long video begins with the collection of fresh waste which is then cycled through and converted into hydrogen. To further prove its credentials, the Toyota Mirai then gets topped up with dung-derived hydrogen fuel before setting off into the distance.

For those more attuned to the ongoings of the automotive industry, the spot doubles as a cheeky jab directed at the non-believers of the hydrogen mantra – most notably among them is Tesla Motors honcho, Elon Musk. The Toyota Mirai was unveiled in 2014 and has since gone on sale in the US for $57,500 (RM207,897).