My, oh my, Toyota just can’t keep the leaks plugged, can it? Just hours prior to its planned unveiling in Las Vegas later today, the 2016 Toyota Prius has been completely revealed via official press photos published on Chinese website CarNewsChina.

We’ve already seen pretty much what the car will look like – thanks to photos of undisguised cars floating on the Internet a couple of weeks ago – but here is our first proper look at the fourth-generation hybrid. Clearly inspired by the Mirai fuel cell vehicle, the styling is certainly the most outlandish and dynamic to ever grace a Prius, even though much of the proportions remain the same as before.

At the front, there are arrow shaped headlights mounted high above the low-set nose. Moving rearwards, a “floating roof” design, steeply-rising beltline, blown surfacing above the wheel arches and distinctive plunging full-length tail lights ensure that you will notice the new Prius on the road, something that can’t really be said of its predecessors. And my, do those wheels look familiar

For the first time, we also get a look at the interior of the car. As with previous Prii, the instrument cluster sits on top and in the centre of the dashboard and incorporates a display showing the operation of the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, but it’s now a full-colour display.

Below this sits a more upright centre console, finished in gloss black; its “wings” are spread out the full width of the dashboard. Unlike the third-gen model, the little gear selector “cube” sits vertically, and the surrounding panel as well as the top of the transmission tunnel is finished in gloss white – we wonder how durable this new surface treatment is in day-to-day use. There’s also a new three-spoke steering wheel.

It is confirmed that the next Prius will be built on the modular Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) designed to reduce cost and resources consumed, whilst improving performance, fuel efficiency and styling. There will also be improvements to the electric motor, battery and existing 1.8 litre engine, so all-in-all the system will reportedly produce around 150 PS, a handy 14 PS increase from the current model.

Not long now until the proper, official unveiling of the 2016 Toyota Prius – stay tuned for the full launch report.