SPAD Taxi service survey-01

A total of 27,765 respondents (and growing) have taken part in the survey initiated by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), entitled “general perception: taxi service in Malaysia.” To keep you updated, here are the results so far. Out of 27,765 respondents, a majority of respondents are aged 21 to 30 years old (46.9%) with those aged 31 to 40 years old coming in second (30.3%).

A bit more on the demographics – some 66.3% are employed, while 18.7% are self-employed and the remaining 15% are students. As for monthly household income, 26.4% have a combined income of over RM8,000, 19.7% with a household income between RM3,501 to RM5,000 and 18.5% with a household income between RM5,000 to RM8,000.

Interestingly, based on frequency, 40.8% of respondents said that they rarely use a taxi, while 17.8% use a taxi at least two to three times a week and 14.5%, only once a week. Respondents who use taxis once a month amount to 17.1%. As for their preferred method to book a taxi, a whopping 66.6% of respondents use mobile apps, 16.2% went the old-fashion way by street hailing and 13.4% booked one via telephone reservation.

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As for the top complaint against taxi services, overcharging and not using a meter is currently on top (89.7%). The second leading cause of dissatisfaction is the attitude of the driver (72.2%). Cleanliness of the vehicle is in third (43.3%), while comfort of the vehicle is in fourth (38.6%).

A total of 46.3% of respondents chose both credit card and cash as their preferred method of payment, while 37.3% would rather use cash. Only 16.3% preferred to use a credit card. Some 69.9% felt that SPAD needs to “standardise the current taxi service types to only two or three categories,” while the remaining 30.1% feels that it doesn’t need to do so.

As to whether passengers are willing to pay for better drivers, better vehicle quality and services, 58% of respondents said ‘no’, and 42% voted ‘yes’. Whether or not they’re willing to pay extra to get better availability of taxis during peak hours, 57.6% of respondents said ‘no,’ while 42.4% said ‘yes’.

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The next section of the survey notes that 83.4% of respondents have used Uber and Grabcar services, while only 16.6% have not. As to why many chose to use ride-sharing apps, 70.8% noted that it is reliable. A total of 64.7% felt that the service is affordable and 60.5% said that it is easily accessible.

Whether SPAD should “regulate internet based taxi network applications to allow them to operate within the boundaries of Malaysia’s laws and regulations?” 69% of respondents said ‘yes’ while 31% responded with a ‘no’.

The survey is still open and will only close on December 3, so if you haven’t taken part, you can do so by clicking here.