The much talked about Alfa Romeo Giulia is spearheading the Italian brand’s global reboot and return to the US market, but it won’t be doing it all alone – the sporty sedan will be supported by seven other siblings. Now, reports of a delay have surfaced, something that fans and well-wishers must be immune to by now.

An official document has purportedly revealed that the supporting cast will arrive later than expected. The original plan was for all eight new models, Giulia included, to surface by 2018. The target date has now been pushed back to mid-2020 at the earliest, Carscoops reports.

The main reason behind the delay is the slowdown of the Chinese market. Also cited are reduced investment in Alfa Romeo from 2018 and the increased need for an expanding distribution network across the globe.

Giulia aside, Alfa’s fresh line-up will have two SUVs codenamed Tipo 949 and Tipo 962. After those, an executive sedan codenamed Tipo 961 will go after the BMW 5 Series and rivals. Also planned are a new sports car (in coupe and Spider forms) and two compact models, one of the latter to replace the Giulietta.

It is added that despite the delay, Alfa is still confident that annual sales will rise from 80,000 units to the 400,000 mark, when all eight models work in unison.

This comes after Automotive News Europe reported that the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan, revealed to much fanfare in June, will now go on sale in Europe in the middle of next year, six months later than initially planned. Regular Giulias are set to debut in late 2016.

The same report, which cites suppliers, adds that Alfa’s first SUV will not surface before early 2017, nine months later than planned. The US launches for both cars are scheduled to happen about three to six months after Europe.

When it comes to Alfa Romeo, it’s best not to have any expectations, or trust any promises. Only until the car goes on sale, and appears in showrooms, then we start to believe.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio