What do future generations want? A better public transport system and a zero-emissions zone within Kuala Lumpur apparently, according to youth and sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

The Sun reported Khairy as saying that it is important to start educating the public about the need to protect the environment, in order to achieve this goal by 2050. “It is my personal hope that by 2050 no one will be using either a petrol or diesel vehicles in the city, they can instead use public transport or electrical vehicles,” he told reporters on Sunday.

Khairy also said that the goal can be achieved within the 33-year timeframe, adding that some cities in Europe have already planned to ban petrol and diesel powered vehicles by 2030.

Additionally, Prasarana is already working on a seamless public transport and payment system – another one of the youth’s aspirations – as well as developing the Mass Rail Transit (MRT) lines further to improve connectivity within the Klang Valley, Khairy said.