Here are somemore Perodua Myvi photos from a Perodua showroom.

You can click the thumbnails for a bigger version.

This is the front and back of the vehicle. This mode is the Mistik Red model which is a solid colour although it looks as good as metallics. It’s the 1.3SX which is the 1.3 manual model without airbags and ABS.

This is an Ozzy Orange Perodua Myvi. It is the 1.3EZ model. The Ozzy Orange colours on this Perodua Myvi is the same as the Kelisa Special edition running around with the spoiler that looks like the Mivec batman spoiler. This engine bay holds the K3-VE engine, a twin-cam 1.3 litre powerplant with variable valve timing. I’ve never seen such an extractor heat shield before though.

On the left is the interior of the 1.3SX model. On the right is an information plate stuck on the underside of the bonnet which you can read when you open it. It lists the idle speed and miscellaneous other information about the specifications of Myvi’s engine and air conditioning system.

A look at the Perodua Myvi 1.3EZ’s automatic gear shift. It’s in D 2 L formation with a button on the side to activate or deactivate the OverDrive gear (4th gear). It is recommended you deactivate the OverDrive during driving in areas like housing estates where your speed is pretty low to avoid unnecessary downshifts and upshifts which might wear out the gearbox prematurely.

Photos taken by CHiQ.

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