LATEST UPDATE: New Perodua Myvi facelift launched in Malaysia

Here’s the next newcomer to the Malaysian automobile market – the Perodua MyVI. It’s based on a Daihatsu Boon. Rumours say that it will come with a 1.3 litre DVVT engine and 1.0 DVVT models. The 1.3 should be the same K3-VE found in the Kembara DVVT and the Toyota Avanza, and the 1.0 should be just a smaller displacement version of it. Prices will be between 42,000 ringgit to 52,000 ringgit.

This is the original Daihatsu Boon. It’s available in 1 litre 2WD and 4WD configurations and 1.3 litre 2WD configuration.

Why Myvi? I’ve heard someone say the My means Malaysia and the VI represents the sixth car that Perodua has come up with. Kancil, Rusa, Kembara, Kelisa, Kenari… yup. The Myvi is the sixth. There are also other explanations to what MyVI means, such as Malaysian Vision, My Vision and My Vehicle.

I’ll predict that Daihatsu YRV turbo halfcuts will be even more in demand now ;)

Click (more) for more photos and click the thumbnails for a larger version.

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