As if 170hp from their new 1.4 TSI engine is not enough, Volkswagen is currently testing a 200hp version of their twincharged pocket rocket engine. The engine is currently available in 140hp and 170hp units, and uses twincharging – a combination of supercharging at low engine RPM and turbocharging at high engine RPM – and really precise direct injection to achieve it’s amazing power figures.

Volkswagen acknowledges that most consumers still have the impression that displacement rules all, and look at the size of the engine rather than the amount of torque and horsepower it produces. The 1.4 TSI engines that go into current Volkswagen cars do not have the 1.4 litre engine capacity advertised anywhere including on the model names. The Volkswagen Golf with a 170hp TSI engine is called the Volkswagen Golf GT.

The 1.4 TSI is currently found in the Golf, Golf Plus, and Touran models, but will eventually find it’s way into the Polo, Eos and Passat. I think it will do especially well in a Polo GTI, which is currently powered by a 1.8 litre 150hp engine.

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