small_logo_nissan.jpgNissan distributor Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd experienced an 18% drop in sales figures for Q2 2006, selling only 5,496 units compared to 6,705 units in Q2 2005. Tan Chong attributed this drop to used car price instability, stringent car loan requirements, and escalating cost of car ownership. Sales also dropped in Q2 2006 as compared to Q1 2006 figures, which showed 6,183 cars sold.

Nissan is still leading the non-national 1.6 litre market with the Sentra 1.6 and the 4X4 non-national SUV market with the Nissan X-Trail, but for the rest of the market perhaps it’s time for some new models? We have one coming up in Q1 2007, based on the Nissan Sports Concept. More details here.