While we’re still fresh from the introduction of the new 3rd generation 2007 Honda CR-V, let’s have a look at another Honda SUV, a JDM model called the Honda CrossRoad. The name CrossRoad has not been used by Honda since a long time ago, when it was selling rebadged Land Rover Discoveries. Even the first generation CR-V ended up looking like a Land Rover if you pay enough attention.

Unlike the Honda CR-V which comes with all-wheel drive as standard, the Honda CrossRoad comes default with a front wheel drive transmission, with all-wheel drive as an add-on option. Engine options are both 1.8 and 2.0 litre motors from the single cam R-series. Despite seemingly being specced lower than the Honda CR-V, this SUV features three rows of seats – 7 seats, unlike the CR-V which is a 5-seater. However, using the CrossRoad’s third row of seats pretty much leaves zero boot space for you to carry stuff, so you have to pick one – stuff or people.

The Honda CrossRoad might go on to replace the current Honda Element in the US, as it shares similiar cues. Right now it looks like the offspring of a Honda Element and a Scion xB anyway.

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Video: Honda CrossRoad 1

Video: Honda CrossRoad 2