small_bmw_logo.jpgBMW Malaysia Sdn Bhd has released a new pricelift for all BMW vehicles sold in Malaysia. The beautiful BMW M5 is now cheaper at “only” RM888,000, a very prosperous number, which you would have to be if you were to afford it. The sleek M6 remains near the RM1 million mark. The 7-series gains a new oil burner variant, the BMW 730Ld, while the BMW 5-series loses all turbodiesel variants until the end of this year. A pity, there’s a very nice 530d parked near my office.

1 Series
116i CBU Sedan RM 168,000.00
118i CBU Sedan RM 199,900.00
120i CBU Sedan RM 222,000.00
130i CBU Sedan RM 329,800.00
3 Series
320i CKD Sedan RM 232,800.00
320i SE CKD Sedan RM 249,800.00
325i CKD Sedan RM 288,800.00
325i Sports CKD Sedan RM 306,800.00
330i CBU Sedan RM 408,000.00
320i Touring CBU Touring RM 289,800.00
320d Touring CBU Touring RM 298,800.00
323i Coupe CBU Coupe RM 338,000.00
335i Coupe CBU Coupe RM 468,000.00
X3 Series
X3 2.5si CBU SUV RM 319,000
5 Series
523i CKD Sedan RM 343,000.00
525i Sports CKD Sedan RM 398,000.00
530i CKD Sedan RM 448,000.00
M5 CBU Sedan RM 888,000.00
525i Sports Touring CBU Touring RM 478,000.00
Z4 Roadster
Z4 2.0i Roadster CBU Roadster RM 348,800.00
Z4 3.0si Roadster CBU Roadster RM 468,000.00
Z4 M Coupe CBU Coupe RM 538,000.00
6 Series
630i Coupe CBU Coupé RM 698,000.00
M6 Coupe CBU Coupé RM 938,000.00
7 Series
730Li CBU Limo RM 618,800.00
730Ld CBU Limo RM 648,000.00
740Li CBU Limo RM 748,000.00
750Li CBU Limo RM 948,000.00