You might remember how environmentalists petitioned for a speed limit to be imposed on the Autobahn some time back. Judging by your reactions, although most of you and me included would most likely never have the chance to ever drive on the Autobahn in the first place, we did not want a speed limit to be put up either. After all, how would we get to watch high speed Autobahn chase videos then?

ZDF television conducted a poll on the matter and the results showed 54% of Germans wanted a speed limit of 130km/h on the Autobahn, while 10% wanted a speed limit even lower than 130km/h. The remainder did not want things to change. That’s more than half who want a speed limit imposed!

German car firms like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche fear that if a speed limit is imposed, the demand for some of their high powered models would go down. I personally think if a speed limit is to be put up, it should be at the 150km/h range or so. All continental cars I’ve driven feel really stable and controllable at those speeds, plus the Autobahn is made up of mostly straight roads. 130km/h would be acceptable, but anything lower than that would be silly. Try driving a BMW or an Audi, or even a Skoda at 130km/h. Feels boring.


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