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FOLLOW UP UPDATE: Unmarked car confirmed to be new Honda City 2PS!

Since we all know how the successor to the Vios will look like, with it being launched in countries like Thailand already, what about it’s competitor, the Honda City? Our current generation Honda City is basically a sedan version of the Honda Jazz, called Fit Aria in Japan alongside it’s hatch brother the Honda Fit. Based on an artist sketch preview of the next generation Honda Fit, I asked Theophilus Chin if he could somehow create a sedan version of the new Fit design based on that artist sketch and this is the result!

Of course, this is just a photoshopped impression, it might have zero similarity to how the final production successor model to the Honda City will look like, but it’s fun to speculate isn’t it? Check out the related post for a full size image of the next gen Honda Fit 5-door.

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