These are spyshots of an unknown Volkswagen sedan being tested in a snowy environment. It looks pretty much like a Jetta with a slightly different shape, sharing much of the Jetta’s front and rear design cues. This is supposed to be one of two Volkswagen’s new low-cost cars for emerging markets like Brazil, India and South East Asia. Both cars are targetted at an entry price point of 7,000 Euros. To put things into perspective, the Proton Savvy in the UK is priced at £5,995, or 8,804 Euros – so when Volkswagen says low-cost, it really means low-cost!

This car might end up having some of it’s production here in Malaysia built in Proton’s plant if everything goes through well, however the latest story is that there has been no new deadline set for Proton-VW talks to be concluded.