BusinessWeek has a list of the cheapest cars in the world, in markets that are open without artificially jacked up pricing of course.

1. Chevrolet Spark – GBP6,245 or RM42,704
2. Chevrolet Aveo – USD10,560 or RM36,120
3. Hyundai Atos – USD6,350 or RM21,620
4. Hyundai Getz – USD9,400 or RM32,152
5. Suzuki-Maruti M800 – USD4,400 or RM15,050
6. Suzuki-Maruti Swift – USD8,800 or RM30,100
7. Tata Indica – 4.18 lakh rupees or RM35,080

8. Chery QQ3 – rip-off of Spark – USD3,900 or RM13,339
9. Chery Flagcloud – USD7,300 or RM24,969
10. Geely S-RV mini SUV – USD4,400 or RM15,050
11. Geely Merrie Star – USD4,200 or RM14,366
12. Fiat Palio – USD5,000 or RM17,100
13. Dacia Logan Sedan – USD6,600 or RM22,575
14. Dacia Logan MPV – USD10,900 or RM37,283

Note the prices that are originally in GBP are cars not available in the US market, and in general UK market cars are alot more expensive than US cars, which is why the Spark can end up more expensive than the Aveo in this comparison. Suzuki-Maruti is Suzuki’s joint venture with local company Maruti in the Indian market.