Inokom will be launching it’s locally assembled version of the new facelift Hyundai Getz – to be called the Inokom Getz later this month, which will come in 1 variant – the Getz 1.4 litre DOHC. They had a media preview recently but I was not invited, so I don’t really have precise details on the car – the best I can do is talk about the features of the new facelifted Getz overseas and hope they’re also echoed in the local version. Anyway, details and more photos after the jump.


I’ve actually blogged about this new Hyundai Getz facelift more than a year ago in my post 2006 Hyundai Getz/Click so if you want a refresher, head on to that post.

The new Inokom Getz is a promising new addition to our local market, with a price of only RM58,888 it is quite affordable. It’s also worthwhile to note that in the previous third J.D. Power Malaysia Quality Study 2005 results released in October last year, the Inokom Atos came out top in it’s segment, with only 153 problems per 100 vehicles, with the industry average being 199 problems per 100 cars. In the MPV segment, the Inokom Matrix came in 2nd place, at 139 problems per 100 vehicles – this is only 6 more problems than the first place winner, the Toyota Unser which had 133 problems per 100 vehicles. This says something positive about Inokom’s Kulim plant quality control, and let’s hope this good assembly quality continues with the new Getz.

On to the engine. The Euro 4-compliant 1.4 litre 16-valve DOHC engine makes 97PS at 6,000rpm and 126Nm of torque at 3,200rpm. It also gets a new intelligent 4-speed auto tranny with high top gear ratios to reduce highway cruising fuel consumption, while sensors constantly monitor engine speeds and driver behaviour so that it can adapt to individual driving styles.

In the higher trim level, peek behind all four 14 inch alloy wheels and you will find disc brakes equipped with ABS anti-lock brakes and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD). There is also a single airbag that comes standard in one of the higher trim levels.

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