Toyota has updated it’s Toyota Allion mid-sized sedan for the Japanese Domestic Market. By JDM, it means it is a car that most likely won’t be seen anywhere outside Japan, unless someone wealthy brings it in at an expensive price so that he can drive a different car. But Toyota really does have some really cool-looking JDM-only cars. Another example of a JDM-only Toyota is the Toyota Will VS. You could consider the Toyota Allion as the Toyota Avensis’ Japanese sibling, as they all use the same platform and share alot of components.

The new Toyota Allion looks less upmarket than the model it replaces. It’s available with either a 109 horsepower 1NZ-FE 1.5 litre or a 136 horsepower 2ZR-FE 1.8 litre engine, and comes in 2WD and 4WD configurations. The most fuel efficient Toyota Allion can go 18 km per litre of fuel, while the least fuel economical version goes 14.4km per litre. Both engines are mated to Super CVT-i transmissions, including the 4WD variants.

The interior is pretty much basic, however there is an Engine Start/Stop button which should prove to be a favourite with gadget-loving Japanese. A gated shifter also adds a stylish touch. You have a few trims to pick from, a red wood, a lighter wood, and etc. No silver aluminium-ish trim in sight though. Many storage compartments – one in the door panel, one between the two front seats in the center console,

The Toyota Allion has a twin brother, one styled more aggressively but is essentially the same car. This other model is called the Toyota Premio, and I will be covering it in the next blog post. These two new models are part of Toyota’s efforts to stop the B-segment sedan market from shrinking further, already it is bad enough that it is not growing. More and more Japanese are more interested in 660cc A-segment cars instead. Toyota is targeting monthly sales of 3,000 units for each model. In the meanwhile, check out more shots of the Allion after the jump.

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