It seems like today is spyshot day. Spyshots of three new Proton models all at once? We saw what could be the new Saga replacement model or Proton BLM earlier, and the GEN2 Hatchback with CPS too. The next model that we’re anticipating Proton to launch is the new C-Segment sedan that we’ve all been referring to as the Proton GEN2 Sedan, though the lack of badging on the rear does not confirm this until the car is launched.

This white sedan was spotted near the HICOM Proton traffic light by a reader’s friend, who was kind of enough to send it in to me. It’s a pretty high res photo, so you can see some portions that I’ve enlarged after the jump. Do let me know if you want any other section of the photo enlarged, I’ll add it to this post.

One thing that we can observe from the many spyshots that are being captured is all these Proton cars are hitting the road for test drives more and more frequently than before, which means the cars are nearing production… I’m excited. Are you?


A very clear look at the new wheel design. It’s a simple 7-spoke design, nothing strange or bling here. Tyres are Goodyear tyres.


Boot looks like it has potential to be fairly large, I’d say at about 400 to 450 litres.