Proton MPV Brake Disc

Reader Nazril snapped these two videos of the Proton MPV stuck in a jam along Jalan Hang Tuah in Kuala Lumpur. That place has been continuously jammed for a long time now, making trips to Low Yat to get a dose of gadgety goodness frustrating to say the least. Anyway a prototype vehicle stuck in a jam is a golden opportunity to get snapshots of the interior, and I’m sure many motorcyclists who rode past the MPV have already seen the interior, but as our friend here was driving a car himself, it wasn’t quite possible to grab an image of the interior.

But anyhow, these are nearly as good as watching the MPV inch along in traffic in front of your very own eyes as the camera phone lense is pointed right at the MPV for quite some time – we’ve got over 2 minutes of video. We also get to see the size of the front brake disc which is larger than usual (it fills up nearly all the space right to the edge of the wheel) for a Proton, naturally because of the higher amount of weight it has to stop in comparison to other Proton cars.

The latest news is that the Proton MPV’s launch has been postposed to April 2009, so it’s another 3+ more months worth of waiting and we’ll be able to check this baby out in the showrooms! Thanks to Nazril for these shots!

Video: Proton MPV stuck on Jalan Hang Tuah #1

Video: Proton MPV stuck on Jalan Hang Tuah #2

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