The current Chevrolet Aveo is very long in the tooth by now, and I’d be surprised to see in in the new Malaysian Chevy lineup under Naza – didn’t cut it then, no chance it’ll do so now. A new model will come soon, but GM has found some ways to clear stock – sell it as a compressed natural gas (CNG) car in India.

Actually, the Aveo is not a big seller in India, but it may stand some chance in this form. The Aveo CNG is a bi-fuel vehicle (with a full sized petrol tank) billed as one of the most eco friendly cars available there. The factory fitted computer-controlled CNG injection system from Italy includes the injectors, selector switch and modified wiring.

Sequential injection is the most advanced level of CNG tech. An ECU calculates the opening times of the injectors for each cylinder and acts separately on each gas injector with high precision. The Aveo’s 1.4-litre VGIS petrol engine is CNG compatible thanks to hardened valve seats and anodized pistons. In addition, the B-segment car’s suspension has been reinforced to support the additional mass of the CNG cylinder in the boot.

Priced at 6.26 lakh rupees (ex-showroom Delhi, about US$13,600), the Aveo CNG is claimed to have running costs that are 54% percent lower than the petrol version and 25% lower than a diesel. Under “normal driving conditions” the Aveo CNG has a range of 180 to 200 km on a full tank of gas.

When fuel prices spiked in 2008, there were lots of talk on fitting cars with NGV kits. Naturally, the enthusiasm has subsided along with the fuel prices. Any NGV user here to share your experience and consumption?