The S-Class is a class act. No matter what the others say, the limo from Stuttgart is the premier choice for world leaders and industry captains – like a nice black suit, you can’t really go wrong with it. Debuting at Frankfurt 2005, the W221 S-Class underwent a facelift in 2009, which was launched here in CKD form back in February.

Not all would like the facelifted car though, which is a little more fussy in design. So how about this, a dressed up pre-facelift W221 that’s guaranteed to make you stand out (in a mafia boss kind of way). German based MEC Design morphed this “regular” S-Class into a pre-facelift S65 AMG, which is actually more fierce looking than the current AMG tuned S.

In the transformation, you get the AMG bumpers front and rear, 20-inch three piece MEC Xtreme III wheels, an adjustable electronic lowering module and a high performance quad tail pipe exhaust system. The interior is fitted with an MEC Design steering wheel and floor mats with leather edging. For the rear lights, we can see that they have changed the module to the multi-LED Christmas tree item of the facelifted car.

Now, all you need is a used S300/S350 for this project! Picture gallery after the jump.

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