There will be a more luxury oriented Nissan GT-R that’s set to be launched next month in Japan, when Nissan rolls out the facelifted version of its performance flagship. First rumoured to be called Spec M, the luxury GT-R will now be called ‘Egoist’, according to prominent Japan based auto journo Peter Lyon.

The Autocar report says that the unusual name is inspired by both the Chanel perfume and the Tokyo based apparel maker of the same name. Of course, it also says a lot about the car’s owner. “Yes, there’s a bit of tongue in cheek in the name, and yes, the word does mean self-conceited, but we just wanted to have some fun with the name,” a Nissan spokesman was quoted as saying.

Looks wise, the Egoist will get a newly designed grille and bumper combination, along with a revised front intake duct. There will be LED daylights on the front and rear bumpers. For the latter, the outer edges will have new vents to dissipate heat from the transmission and exhaust system. The Egoist is based on today’s special versions, the Black Edition and the Premium Edition, so it gets larger 390 mm brake discs (from 360 mm) and lighter 10-spoke wheels.

Mid life updates for the entire range include 30 kg reduced weight plus 506 bhp and 607 Nm thanks to modified turbos, oil cooler and exhaust system. Also tweaked are the gear ratios, spring rates and rear suspension geometry – the latter two aims for a more compliant ride with sharper handling.