The 2011 Lotus Elise that was unveiled in Geneva earlier this year powered by Toyota’s new Valvematic engines will continue to soldier on until 2015 where it will be replaced with the above model – a new Elise that’s said to have ‘grown up’.

It’s certainly grown heavier – at the preliminary 1,095kg quoted curb weight that’s about 200kg heavier than the current Elise which weighs only about 900kg depending on trim level. The new Elise promises to be much more cosseting to its driver though – less awkward to get in ad get out – the press release by Lotus specifically says no more acrobatics!

“The Elise you can buy now is still a fantastic car, make no mistake, Lotus remain very proud of it, but this is a natural progression for us moving forward. The Elise 2015 will also be class-leading in terms of performance and efficiency but it will do more than that it will take the Elise model to the forefront of its class across the board,” said Lotus CEO Dany Bahar.

To push around the extra weight, the Elise’s engine has grown to a 2.0 litre force inducted motor making 320 PS and 330Nm of torque. It will remain mid-engined and rear wheel driven like the current Elise, and the spec sheet even lists an optional Dual Clutch Transmission, taking the burden of shifting off the driver to help him focus more on the actual corners.

I think it would make sense if once this new Elise is launched, Lotus continued to offer the Elise in its current form as some kind of “Elise Classic” for those who really still want a machine minimum mobile.

Look after the jump for a full photo gallery of both live and press photos as well as a video and the full press release/preliminary specs sheet.

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