Looks like the local “product update campaign” involving more than 40,000 vehicles announced yesterday by Honda Malaysia is part of a larger picture, involving nearly a million vehicles worldwide – Honda has issued a global recall for 962,000 vehicles, involving Fit (or the Jazz), CR-V, City and CR-Z models to repair problems with power windows and computer equipment.

The entire exercise involves 936,000 Fit, CR-V and the City models in Japan, China, the US, Europe and countries in Asia and Africa. Among the numbers are 72,115 second-generation City sedans manufactured between 2005 and 2007 in the Indian market, with a preventive replacement of power window switches to be carried out, though the third-generation City sedan currently sold in India, as well as the Jazz and the CR-V there, aren’t affected by the recall.

Closer to home, 42,892 vehicles in Indonesia are similarly affected, these being largely the Jazz, with 35,006 units needing rectification work to repair problems related to the power window. In Singapore, more than 7,700 vehicles (6,119 units of the 2005-2008 Jazz and 1,657 units of the 2006-2008 City) are also being recalled over the same issue.

Meanwhile, over in the US, the recall for the CR-V covers 80,111 examples made in 2006, with a defective power window master switch needing to be replaced. The design can allow residue from interior cleaners to accumulate over time, and this buildup can damage the electrical contacts in the switch and possibly lead to a fire.

Separately, 26,000 CR-Z hybrid models in Japan, the US and Canada are also being recalled to address defective programming of electronic control units for motors used in the model, with 5,626 of these being 2011 model year units in the US, all equipped with manual transmissions.

Honda says if the engine stalls, with the hybrid battery in a very low state of charge and with the transmission in gear, there’s a possibility of the electric motor rotating in the direction opposite to that selected by the transmission – if the brakes aren’t applied, the car might roll backwards when in forward gear, and forward in reverse gear. The company says a software update effectively corrects the problem.

The company says no fatal accidents or injuries have been reported with issues in this particular recall bout, which follows on last month’s recall on more than 2.3 million vehicles due to problems related with automatic transmissions.