Nissan will be showcasing the third incarnation of its Pivo in Tokyo later this month. If the Pivo 2 from 2007 was a bit bubbly, the Pivo 3, as it’s called, goes all angular and certainly boxier.

Tagged as the smart urban commuter EV of the near future, Nissan says the Pivo 3 features a refined exterior styling with bold surfaces and a new stance, as well as a central driving position and a high-grade interior.

The compact three-seater, in a 1+2 layout, is under three metres long, and the vehicle has narrow-tread rear tires and IWM (in-wheel motors) with a wide steering angle, allowing it to make a U-turn on a road only four metres wide. The highly manoeuvrable vehicle has a zero turn gap, so if the front wheels can make the turn, the rear wheels will follow without the body scraping anything.

Features on this one include an Automated Valet Parking (AVP) function, which enables the car to automatically drive, locate a parking space and park without driver assistance in an infrastructure-equipped parking lot envisioned in the future. It can also charge itself and return to its driver at the AVP exit when called by smartphone.

It also inherits the Robotic Agent interface from the Pivo 2 – the car acts as a partner or personal assistant to the driver, with companionship conveyed by the Robotic Agent, and a “smart” personal filter selects information relevant to the current driver, location and vehicle.

Elsewhere, side-view monitors take the place of mirrors, using Nissan’s Around View Monitor system to reveal the car’s surroundings and help minimise blind spots. The centre console, meanwhile, features an ultra-wide display for GPS and other information, and together with a sub-monitor and the Robotic Agent, is positioned to interact discreetly with the driver.