Yet another Tokyo debutant from Suzuki, and though the Swift EV Hybrid is also coming through in concept form, it’s downright conventional when you consider the likes of its Regina and Q-concept siblings. It’s also set to make its way into production form sometime in 2013.

On battery power alone, the car offers a 30 km operating range, though an engine-driven generator, as the company tags it, extends travel distance – by how much, Suzuki hasn’t said. No specific details are mentioned, but it shouldn’t stray too far from the Swift Plug-In Concept that was shown at the 2009 edition of the show.

That one featured a 658cc mill offering 54 hp (or 40 kW), working in tandem with a 74 hp (55 kW) electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries. The series hybrid system then offered around 20 km of pure electric mode driving, so this one improves on things by a bit.

Suzuki says that the car – which features a covered front grille, LED lighting and covered wheels among the external revisions – has a smaller battery that’s quicker to charge, weighs less, uses fewer resources and costs less. More undoubtedly, in Tokyo.