It has been awhile since we had updates on the Proton P3-21A sedan. The last was when a pic of an undisguised yellow example made its way to the Internet, showing us a front end design that has been modified from the Tuah concept paraded at KLIMS 2010. If the final product stays true, the C-segment contender will have projector headlamps, LED DRLs and a wide “mask style” grille.

Anyway, reader Bay MH recently spotted something interesting when driving down the Karak highway to KL. He saw two taped up test mules of the P3-21A and whipped out his camera for some decent shots.

According to our car paparazzi, he was in a Vios and the Protons were doing over 140 km/h, with a Ford Fiesta chasing them (naughty fella!). He observed that both mules had four passengers onboard, and one unit sat lower at the back than the other, probably because it had cargo in the boot.

And just like in a Michael Bay movie, there were action scenes – Bay said that he had to slow down in the corners but had enough to catch up on the straights and both Protons were “cornering nicely at speed”.

Here are the shots that Bay (MH not Michael) managed to snap, bad black Fiesta included :) Click here to view our previous post featuring the abovementioned yellow undisguised pic.