The sequel to the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring is heading on to the most exciting part of the selection process, which will see the “strongest” driver represent Malaysia for the ultimate driving experience of a lifetime in a BMW M3 at the legendary Nurburgring.

Stage 1 is set to complete this Sunday, February 27, and the top 20 finalists will move on to the exclusive Castrol EDGE Experience Malaysia – Nurburgring challenge to determine the grand prize winner. On March 16, the top 20 finalists are set to battle it out to find the single driver for the “Green Hell” and in the process join last year’s winner Khairul Izwan as the select few who have enjoyed such an honour.

The 20 finalists will be chosen based on the most number of completed laps on a virtual Nurburgring track played on Castrol Malaysia’s Facebook page. The game, in which one can enlist the help of friends to take one further also features Pit Stops, where three challenging questions have to be answered correctly.

That part of the contest ends this Sunday and once the scores are tabled, the 20 with the highest scores will be selected to take part in the exclusive Castrol EDGE Experience Malaysia – Nurburgring driving challenge which will be held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) on March 16.

The one-day event is slated to be an exciting driving challenge, in which contestants will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a BMW 325i Sport. The challenge includes a high-skilled slalom course, obstacle avoidance and understeer/oversteer control. But before the challenge, finalists will take part in a training session. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, the winner will no doubt be worthy to be the Malaysian representative at Nurbugring, Germany.

The grand prize winner will then head off to Germany for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tackle the real track and all its 72 frighteningly fast corners in the BMW M3, featuring Castrol EDGE with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology™ lubricant as its motor oil. Rated to be 40% stronger than a leading competitor’s oil and stronger for up to 35% longer, it fits the requirements of the car and the demanding track!

While the chance to get on track in Germany is undoubtedly the big prize, the rest of the field aren’t set to walk away empty-handed. The 2nd-placed winner will get to enjoy the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring at the comfort of his or her own home with a Castrol EDGE-branded Apiga AP1 Professional Racing Simulator which comes complete with a steering wheel, pedals, Sony Playstation 3 console, Gran Turismo 5 and a 40-inch Sony Bravia television.

Meanwhile, the third place winner takes home a Tag Heuer Kimi Raikkonen F1 watch, and the 4th and 5th placed bags an iPhone 4S 16GB and a Microsoft Xbox Kinect 360 respectively. As for those placed 6th to 10th, they each get a pair of Oakley Hijinx shades, while finishing 11th to 20th means an iPod Shuffle 2GB for each of the winners.

As an added incentive this weekend, Castrol EDGE is bringing you a bonus online ‘race-off’. The top 20 participants with the fastest lap times achieved on February 25-26 will get to win a free Castrol EDGE oil change for one year, which includes oil filter and labour cost, at participating Castrol Auto Service workshops. Regardless if one is a seasoned player, or a first timer, this weekend’s virtual race-off is no doubt an exciting challenge for one and all.

Certainly, there are a lot of prizes to be won :) If you haven’t yet signed up for the contest, there’s a few more days for you to try to get yourself in the running. Head over to Castrol Malaysia’s Facebook page to take part. Nearly 100,000 plays of the virtual game have been recorded thus far, so that’s a lot of competition! The question is, are you strong enough to take on the Nurburgring?