The My Proton Makeover programme’s last two makeover vehicles have been announced, and they are a 2001 Satria belonging to Amirul Azim Mohd Hussain and a 1991 Saga owned by Lee Koon Gaik.

For 36 year-old IT consultant Amirul, his devotion to his Satria is obvious – it has been his one and only car, serving him through his bachelor days, into his marriage and now fatherhood, 11 years on.

While she has had a different experience with her car, 54 year-old home maker Lee shares the same sentimental values towards her Saga, a gift from her husband 20 years ago. The car has been her loyal and trustworthy workhorse and companion, helping her see her sons to school, college and their early working life.

A one-car owner, Lee believes that her Saga is the car of a lifetime, having even declined the government’s voluntary scrapping incentive for a new Proton in 2009.

“With my Saga, I do not need any other car,” said Lee proudly, when handing it in for the makeover. “Even with the common wear and tear over the past 20 years, I am still able to rely on it to get me around – and I’m happy to be able to treat it to a little pampering with this wonderful makeover opportunity.”

The two cars, essentially the fifth and sixth vehicles in the programme, will each receive a new breath of life as they enter the R3 workshop for a period of refurbishment. Tengku Djan Ley, head of engineering at the R3 unit, said that the team has their work cut out for them for the finale of this programme.

“The two cars have served their owners well, and are in need of major refurbishment. However, to keep on schedule, as much as the team is enjoying themselves revamping these old cars, they will be pushing themselves to ensure these cars get the best treatment and are delivered on time to their owners.” he said.

“As both owners utilise their cars daily with their families, our focus will be to make certain that the cars perform with greater reliability, efficiency and safety, and that they will stay on the road for a long while to come,” he added.

When completed, the 1991 Saga and 2001 Satria will join Fadly Hisham Roplay’s 1992 Saga, Sashideran Radha Krishnan’s 1994 Wira, Norzamzarini Mohd Bajuri’s 1996 Iswara Aeroback and Hafiz Mohd Hashim’s 2001 Satria GTI as the six makeover specials.