Toyota Etios – next stop for it and the Prius is Brazil

Toyota’s Etios is definitely shaping up to be more than just a “for India” product. Reports indicate that the compact, which made its debut in sedan form in late 2010 and in hatchback guise in June last year, is to be sold in Brazil, arriving there by year end.

The automaker will modify specifications of the car to cater to local requirements, allowing the engine to run on gasoline blended with ethanol. The Etios will be assembled at an upcoming factory in Sao Paulo, and Toyota is looking to shift 70,000 units annually.

Aside from the Etios, the Prius hybrid is also Brazil-bound, and like the Etios, will get some minor reworking done on it so it can run on ethanol-blended fuel. The Etios has also been speculated as a candidate for the Chinese market, due sometime in 2013.

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