Edaran Tan Chong Motor, through the Nissan Malaysia Facebook page, has put up a teaser stating that it has a “brand new ride coming.” Given all the frequency of it being spotted on our roads, that new ride could very likely be the Nissan Almera.

The sedan – known as the Sunny in China – has already been spotted countless times. It was first caught in KL back in March, then in Melaka in June sans disguise, and in recent weeks doing running trials in Bukit Beruntung as well as in Selayang.

Pricing-wise, we already have a bit of an indication of what to expect, courtesy of a reader who snapped a pix of an ad at an ETCM outlet in early July listing some details, among them a claimed tentative starting price of RM71k, presumably for the base-line variant.

The advert also added that the car will be available in both manual and auto forms, and will be a 1.5 litre model. No mention was made of the HR15DE mill’s output for the upcoming car here – while the Chinese market version’s lump offers 112 PS and 139 Nm, over in Singapore the 1.5 litre Almera has 99 PS and 134 Nm for output numbers, and in all likelihood the Malaysian car is likely to be closer to the Singaporean version.

The car made its debut in China at Auto Guangzhou in late 2010, and was launched in Thailand last October as a 1.2 litre Almera model.