BHPetrol today introduced its new Infiniti Advanced2x petrol in both RON 95 and RON 97 standards into the market – the name of the fuel remains the same as 2010 when the last formulation was introduced, but the new composition wears the latest German additive package.

The company says that the improved Infiniti Advanced2x is the first petrol in the world to be formulated with the latest additive package from the “world’s leading chemical company” (which, without having to hazard too much of a guess, would be BASF).

The new fuel features improved proprietary deposit cleaning agents for a cleaner engine and friction reducing agents for instantaneous and continuous mileage gains.

As before, the new Infiniti Advanced2x has been treated with twice the minimum treat rate of additives recommended by the additive manufacturer at 800 parts per million.

At the launch, some interesting points were revealed during the briefing by the company’s retail and supply director, James Khoo. In it, Khoo said that the sulphur content in BHPetrol’s fuel has been consistently lower than the Euro 2M standard of 500 ppm, with its median average in 2011 being 117 ppm, and in 2012 (up to September) being 131 ppm. The figures are for fuel stocks brought in from Singapore to Port Klang.

These numbers are lower than the Euro 3 standard of 150 ppm, and sits between it and Euro 4, which is 50 ppm. Certainly very impressive figures for a composite average, and Khoo added that in some batches of its imported fuel stock the sulphur content is even registering as low as 12 ppm, which is almost Euro 5 standard (10 ppm). Incidentally, all these numbers are reflective of petrol, and not diesel.

In essence, the company was bold enough to proclaim that its new Infiniti Advanced 2x was the best fuel in the local market today; we figure there’s only one way to find out if there’s any proof in the pudding – try it.