Remember those print ads in the newspapers that say “German engineering at its best” or something like that? Quite a few readers have wrote in to ask about what the ad was talking about. Turns out it’s got nothing to do with a new car – it’s actually a pre-launch teaser for BHPetrol’s new fuels! I was quite surprised when I found out today.

BHPetrol has launched an updated version of their RON95 and RON97 fuel today. The new formulation is called BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 95 and BHPetrol Infiniti Advanced2X 97 and features a new additive from a German chemical company which BHPetrol calls the Advanced Additive Compound, or AAC.

According to the German chemical supplier which supplies fuel additives to quite a lot of fuel companies around the world, BHPetrol is the first customer for the new AAC additive in the region. Of course, BHPetrol has once again stuck to its “double strength” formula, adding 800ppm of the AAC additive to both its RON95 and RON97 fuel, which is the maximum recommended treat rate for each drop of fuel.

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Rather than just use the test results from the German chemical supplier to shout about its new formulation, BHPetrol had actually sent barrels of our local Euro 2M RON95 and RON97 fuel to Europe for testing. After all, testing by the German supplier would have used European fuel, which is of course different from Malaysian fuel. To get the most accurate results which represents what Malaysian consumers would get, Malaysian spec fuel would have to be used. Using a Mercedes-Benz engine running a 60 hour CEC standard test, the cleaning power of AAC was tested and the results above are self-explanatory. The new BHPetrol formulation knocked intake valve deposit levels down to a 3mg/valve.

Here’s a few videos for you to watch as well. I’m sure those who have been watching Driven will be glad that BHPetrol has revised their ads and fuel branding graphics with the new fuel formulation and you won’t have to watch the same “Father and Son” ad every time you watch Driven :P The BHPetrol team also put on a laser show at the launch earlier today so we’ve recorded that so that whoever wasn’t there can watch it.

BHPetrol is also having a contest in conjunction with the launch of the new petrol. All you have to do is fill up a minimum of RM30 of the new petrol (you need to be an ecard member as well) and you’ll be able to stand a chance to win a W204 Mercedes-Benz C200. Watch the video below as Sharizan explains how to join the contest.