Proton has been quiet on the home front the past few months, but things may be warming up again, with a familiar face taking the stage. Someone posted a photo in an Internet forum depicting a couple of Satria Neo CPS units on a transporter, waiting to be delivered to a showroom – can we expect to hear something along this front soon?

The black examples wear R3 badging, but in terms of exterior kit looks rather normal, which likely means that the car isn’t the much-expected supercharged banger that’s anticipated. In any case, it sounds too early – word was that a limited 300 unit production run of a supercharged Satria Neo CPS may go on sale early next year.

In 2011, we saw a black Satria Neo CPS with a Sprintex supercharger under its hood, with output stated as 180 hp and 200 Nm. Then, in March this year, there was another called the Artiga Concept, seen at the Proton Power of 1 event. That example also had a quoted 180 hp, but a higher degree of twist, at 240 Nm.

Then, in July, came the yellow S2000 Edition Supercharged Concept, which went on display in Johor in conjunction with the 2012 Malaysian Rally. Reportedly, the peak torque on this one is about 192 Nm at 5,900 rpm.