Proton Satria Neo S2000 Edition Supercharged Concept at Plaza Angsana JB

This Proton Satria Neo CPS done up in a yellow paint job ala Proton’s S2000 rally car is being showcased at Plaza Angsana JB, in conjunction with the 2012 Malaysian Rally. This yellow Satria Neo CPS wears a bodykit that might go on sale soon – a tentative price of RM4,xxx has been set and availability as well as the final product will depend on the feedback Proton R3 gets from the visitors at the showcase.

But what’s more interesting is what’s under the hood of this particular concept. A source told us that a limited 300 units production run of a supercharged Satria Neo CPS may go on sale early next year. The Campro CPS engine (not the Campro CFE turbo engine) is supercharged, and apparently peak torque is about 192Nm at 5,900rpm. The supercharger is supposed to have a clutch and will only engage at higher RPMs so it won’t rob power from the crank at low RPMs.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a supercharged Proton Satria Neo. We previously saw a black Satria Neo CPS done up in colors that mimic a Lotus Renault GP F1 car sometime in April 2011. It had a Sprintex supercharger under its hood and power output was stated to be 180 horsepower and 200Nm.

Earlier this year, we saw yet another supercharged Neo at the Proton Power of 1 event, and that car was called the Artiga Concept. Power figures for that car was quoted to be 180 horsepower, which is the same as the 2011 car, but quoted torque figures was higher at 240Nm.

The torque figure from the 2011 car is closer to the figure quoted for this new yellow concept, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this new supercharged Neo continues to be powered by a Sprintex supercharger based kit.