Remember this Gallic luxo-barge? When the Citroen C6 first came out seven years ago it wowed the motoring press with its avant-garde styling – that long front overhang and concave rear window being some of the sedan’s more idiosyncratic details. Certainly few other cars on the roads could hope to turn heads with as much ease.

Unfortunately the buying public weren’t as keen – in the first ten months of this year, only 556 were sold, according to Automotive News Europe, and now the time has come to say au revoir, for Citroen has stopped output of the priciest car in its range at its Rennes facility, following the end of RHD production in May. According to Autocar, total production should be around the 20,000 mark – Citroen hoped for that in a single year.

So this obituary is no surprise, but it also means that France now no longer has a locally-built luxury flagship, spelling the end of an era that reached its peak in the 1950s with the Citroen DS. In comparison with its contemporary sister, the legendary DS sold nearly 1.5 million units over a 20-year production run.

Peugeot and Renault exit the large car market some time ago. Renault has the Latitude, but that’s a rebadged Samsung SM5 from South Korea. Until the Citroen DS9 (conceptualised by the svelte Numero 9) happens, if it does at all, it seems patriotic citoyens will have to plump for mainly German offerings for the time being.