86 GT4 Racer-07

Here’s another racing version of the Toyota 86, but the first one designed to meet FIA regulations in the GT4 category. Developed by GPRM, a UK-based motorsport and engineering company, the GT 86 GT4 is powered by a bespoke version of the car’s 2.0 litre boxer four engine.

Developed in collaboration with Nicholson McLaren Engines, GPRM says the motor is capable of pushing out between 360 hp and 400 hp. The final output will be decided on after testing is completed.

You will start seeing the Toyota GT 86 GT4 by GPRM in various GT4 competitions starting early next year. No price has been released for now but they already have one order for the car.

Plenty of development surrounding Toyota’s first sports car in years – at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, four tuned versions showed up alongside Gazoo Racing’s GRMN Sports FR Concept Platinum, while a drop top concept will be show at Geneva next month. Click here to read our review of the Toyota 86.