SsangYong seems to be on a fast track to make amends for its past sins, first with the redesigned Stavic (or Korando Turismo) unveiled last week and then this brand new concept car that’s as stylish as they come. Meet the SIV-1, SsangYong’s Geneva-bound concept SUV that’s set to move the Korean brand to the forefront of automotive design.

Before you get excited, Mahindra-owned SsangYong has shown plenty of bold concept models before, none of which ever entered production. Remember the e-XIV electric SUV from Paris last year? And the XIV-2 from Geneva 2012 before that, not to mention the XIV-1 in Frankfurt 2011. The list goes on.


But, the latest SIV-1 concept is by far the most promising of the lot. It’s arguably the best looking and more importantly, it appears to have been designed with production in mind rather than the past concepts’ motor show-style shock and awe approach. The bulging fenders may well be slightly over the top yet the rest of SIV-1 looks plausible enough for production.

It sure looks good doesn’t it? There are some traces of the Kia Sorento at the front while the rear is a little SEAT Ibiza-like, but the overall appearance is attractive, if not exactly unique. And if SsangYong manages to put this car into production, perhaps as the next generation Actyon SUV without dulling out too much of its visual pizzazz, it may well be on to a winner.