With three of their most recent models – the A 45, E 63 and CLS 63 – offered with 4MATIC, Mercedes-Benz tuning house AMG looks set to introduce its performance-oriented all-wheel drive system on more models. Speaking to Auto Express, AMG’s senior powertrain engineering manager, Jorg Gindele has confirmed that the company is already testing a C 63 4MATIC prototype, with a four-wheel drive next-generation AMG S-Class in the works as well.

An AMG version of the CLA compact four-door coupe (pictured testing above) is also on the way, and will share the same 360 hp engine and 4MATIC drivetrain with the A 45 AMG we featured here earlier.

Offering all-wheel drive systems on their performance models makes sense for AMG, as each one of their cars is massively powerful and will benefit from the extra security and traction rendered. And with Europe’s ever-worsening climate, all-weather usability will be a big plus too.

Mentioned with less certainty was a hardcore version of the E 63 AMG that may join the firm’s elite Black Series line-up towards the end of its life cycle. The latest S-Model already delivers 585 hp and 800Nm of torque, so the thought of a luxury saloon with more power seems rather excessive. But then again, it’s AMG we’re talking about here. Excessive is never quite enough with them.